Food Item List

1	Spring Rolls
2	Beef on a stick
3	steamed Dumplings
4	Fried wontons
6	Roast Pork (BBQ)
7	Stir fried bean curd
8	Rice noodle
9	Sesame chicken
10	Crab Rangoon
11	Beef and broccoli

Storyteller Interface Concepts

For the past week,  I was tasked with creating and interface that would work with the Storyteller and possibly other characters. While the mockups I did are all for the storyteller, they can be changed to fit most interactions with other characters. Id also like to note that these mockups are based on four screenshots of the storyteller from another blog post, since that was all the available source material/information I had to work with. I used other concept art as filler for the story art.

Mockup 1


This interface is the most closely related to the source images. The main screen has the storyteller standing in front of the artwork for the story he is telling. On the left side of the right screen is his dialogue, allowing the player to look over if they miss something the storyteller said. It should only take up about a third or fourth of the right screen. On the right side of the left screen is a matching column where the players dialogue options will be displayed. These are the options the player must choose to navigate though the story. The selections are ‘point and click’.

Mockup 2


This mockup leaves all the interactions in the center screen, while the side screens show the art for the story. Its almost like the player is “imagining” the story they are being told. For other interactions, these screens can be left “blank”,  or they can be used to show other important information. ie: for the tea ceremony, these side screens can show a pictograph of what is being talked about. Think like an IKEA catalog. The center panel has the character that is talking and any important props that they may have. In this case, we talked about having the storyteller on the stage with a slideshow to go along with his story. The slideshow in this case could be his written out dialogue. Below the actor, I incorporated the scroll interface that was talked about in a previous art meeting. In there will be where the player selects their dialogue options for navigating the story.

Mockup 3


This mockup is a combination of the previous two. The storyteller is on stage again with his slideshow, except this time he only shows objects or key concepts from the story. The player then “imagines” the scenes of the story in one of the side screens, while the opposite one will contain the dialogue of the storyteller. The players choices will be the scroll or a similar interface.

Mockup 4


This last mockup is just to show how we may be able to use an ipad to contain the players choices. Im not sure if this will be a feasible option, but I know it was discussed at lest a few times. The ipad interface can be used in place of any other previous ones, while keeping the rest of the designs the same.